Centre for Continuing Education

The Centre for Continuing Education at the Faculty of Education is the major generator of the professional training of in-service teachers, in particular teachers already teaching in primary schools. It was established in 1978 and has successfully coined the name becoming well known as a support centre for in-service teachers in Slovenian schools. The statistics of the last ten years shows that on average nearly 1.000 teachers per year are participating in different programmes, organised by the Centre.

The main activities of the Centre include:
  • developing training programmes for in-service teachers at all educational levels (preschool, lower and upper primary and secondary schools, music schools) according to their needs and changing requirements,
  • assessing and recognizing in-service teachers’ needs for new knowledge and skills through “market-research” activities,
  • planning, organizing, monitoring and evaluating programmes' implementation,
  • cooperating with similar institutions in Slovenia.


Andreja Žiško
T: (02) 22 93 858
F: (02) 22 93 760