Research Projects

Since 2006 the Faculty of Education has participated in the following research projects, financed by the Slovenian Research Agency:

Social integration of youth in Slovenian education system (target research project)
V5-1028 1. 1. 2010 - 30. 09. 2012
Faculty of Social Sciences (University of Ljubljana)
Milena Ivanuš Grmek, Branka Čagran, Majda Schmidt, Jurka Lepičnik Vodopivec, Katja Košir, Marta Licardo, Katarina Habe, Zlatka Cugmas
Transition of values in former Yugoslav republics J5-2294 1. 5. 2009 - 30. 4. 2012
Faculty of Arts (University of Maribor)
Katarina Habe, Bojan Musil
Quality evaluation in in-service teacher training: a model for evaluation of inset providers (target reearch project) V5-0438 1. 9. 2008 - 28. 2. 2010 Faculty of Education Koper (University of Primorska) Milena Ivanuš Grmek
Planning educational process - concepts of curriculum planning (target reearch project) V5-0437 1. 9. 2008 - 30. 8. 2009
Faculty of Education (University of Maribor) Milena Ivanuš Grmek, Branka Čagran, Majda Schmidt
Cell-to-tissue modelling of calcium-contraction coupling in airway smooth muscle: role of calcium signal decoding, cell variability and cell-to-cell coupling (Bilateral project with France)


2007 - 2008
Faculty of Education (University of Maribor) Marko Marhl
Children amidst influences of modern lifestyle: motor abilities, physical characteristics and health status of Slovene children (target reearch project) V5-0232
1. 10. 2006 - 30. 9. 2008
Science and Research Centre of Koper (University of Primorska) Jurij Planinšec, Črtomir Matejek
Extrinsic and intrinsic of religiosity in crosscultural perspective J5-6646
1. 7. 2004 - 30. 6. 2007
Faculty of Arts (University of Maribor) Bojan Musil
Life and work of important people in northeastern Slovenia L6-6110
1. 7. 2004 - 30. 6. 2007
Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Janja Črčinovič Rozman, Samo Fošnarič, Marjeta Ciglenečki

Our students also participate in research projects.


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