Apply for Erasmus+ Studies

The application procedure starts by registering into the application portal of the University of Maribor. Before choosing any of the subjcts of the Faculty of Education,  the INFORMATION PACKAGE / INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE STUDENTS' GUIDE 2017/2018.

Here you can see the subjects offered by the Faculty of Education to Erasmus+ students: List of subjects for incoming students

Incoming Erasmus+ students can choose between obligatory and elective subjects. The language of the lectures is Slovene (except subjects referring to teaching foreign language). Special care will be taken by the teaching staff to interact in English and hold tutorial sessions in English. We guarantee that all these subjects will have support material for foreign students. 

Important notice: realization of elective subject depends on how many home students have applied for it. If there are not enough students, the subject will not be held. For this reason it might happen that you will have to change the subject upon your arrival.

Learn all about the correct application procedure here.


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