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Apply for Erasmus+ Studies

The application process begins with the registration on the application portal of the University of Maribor. Before choosing any of the subjects, please read the information on the application procedure, the academic calendar and other important matters.
Discover all courses at the UM Faculty of Education offered to Erasmus+ students in the Course Catalogue 2024-25 UM PEF. Incoming Erasmus+ students can choose between obligatory and elective subjects. Please note that for some courses the number of participating students is limited. Once the maximum number has been reached, the course can no longer be selected. Courses that are already full are crossed out.  Choose wisely, because once you have started your mobility, no changes are possible.
The language of the lectures is English. Study and support material for international students is available for all subjects.
Learn all about the correct application procedure here.


Jelena Krivograd

T +386 2 22 93 853