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Department of Fine arts

The Department of Fine Arts provides education to students gifted in fine arts who want to develop their own artistic sensibility, learn about the richness of fine arts created in the past, and acquire skills to become responsible and creative teachers. As they work towards joining this demanding profession, they are accompanied and guided by mentors that are experienced university teachers established by merit of their own artistic and scientific work. The Department of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Education of the University of Maribor is recognisable in the wider environment due to frequent and high-profile public appearances of students and teachers at exhibitions in Maribor, elsewhere in Slovenia, and recently more so abroad.

Study at the Department of Fine Arts is based on active creative work in the area of fine arts and understanding of art laws as well as developing the ability to communicate these laws to children and young people at all levels of education. The contents are defined by the needs and tasks of primary and secondary school education, the requirements of fine arts creation and educational laws as well as special didactics.

The basic starting points for the education of art teachers are:

  • Profession – art culture as a whole and understanding of the artistic processes that took place in historical development;
  • Practical creative work, its presentation and understanding, which also requires practical fine arts skills;
  • Evaluation and communication of the laws of fine arts and visual laws, which requires theoretical competence in fine arts;
  • Gaining didactic-methodological and psychological skills for conducting art education classes.


Asst. Prof. JANJA BATIČ, PhD

T +386 2 22 93 719


Prof. Spec. PETRA VARL, academic painter

T +386 2 22 93 716